Thermalbond V2100

Key Specifications/Special Features

Thermalbond V2100
Thermalbond V2100 features a polyethylene liner that removes easily without tearing. The dual-sided pressure sensitive
acrylic adhesive bonds to metal and glass while the semi-rigid foam substrate maintains spacing.
• Superb spacer for two- and foursided structural glazing systems
• Thermal break on storm windows and doors
• Die-cut for vibration dampening
• Conventional glazing interior spacer For clear, lightly tinted or monolithic glass, single-sided Thermalbond adhesive is recommended to reduce the visual impact of any air pockets sometimes induced during the panel fabrication process.
.High-Strength Polyurethane Foam Spacer for Structural Glazing and Cladding
• Open cell foam structure allows air and moisture to reach silicone,permitting optimum curing
• High-strength polyurethane foam substrate is chemically compatible with all silicones tested
• Low thermal conductivity of foam substrate reduces heat transfer
and inhibits condensation on windows, doors and metal systems
• Excellent resistance to weather,fungi and oxidation
• Adhesive on one or two sides for easy placement
• Double-sided adhesive aids in stabilizing component position while silicone cures, even when vertically stacked
• Suitable for on-site structural glazing