DOWSIL : 982

Dow Corning® 982 Silicone Insulating Glass Sealant

Self-leveling silicone sealant for concrete and concrete to asphalt pavement joints.


·         Dow Corning® 982 Silicon Insulating Glass sealant is intended for use as a secondary sealant in dual-sealed insulating glass units (see Figure 1). A primary seal of poly- isobutylene is required to prevent moisture vapor transmission into the airspace in the insulating glass unit. Dow Corning 982 Silicon Insulating Glass Sealant can bond the individual components of the insulating glass unit to form a weather- resistant unit capable of being certified for industry standards. Conformance can be confirmed by an independent test laboratory in accordance with industry standard.

·         Dow Corning 982 Silicone Insulating Glass Sealant can also be used as the secondary edge seal in insulating glass units that will be structurally glazed.


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1. Based on South Coast Air Quality Management District of California maximum VOC is listed both inclusive and exclusive of water and exempt compounds. For a VOC data sheet for a specific sealant color, please send your request to